Trends in content marketing point to video as today's most powerful way to tell a brand’s story. 


With drivers all across the US, major transportation companies (including Celadon) have not taken advantage of this tool. After identifying this opportunity to differentiate our brand, I proposed and implemented a video content strategy that aligned with Celadon's digital media iniatives.


- Storyboarding & Conceptualization 

- Videography

- Production

- Motion Graphics

- Audio


Prior to my time at Celadon, we only posted video content monthly. These videos often were created through a week-long video shoot with external videographers. While these produced strong b-roll, we were moving too slow for current video demand.


By internalizing the film and production, I was able to create weekly content to share our story in alignment with current driver first initiatives and recruiting incentives.


By analyzing our social engagement data, I identified that video produced the highest engagement. After presenting these findings, we decided to lean into our video production strategy by increasing our production cadence.


To ensure our content met marketing goals and generated leads, I composed scripts and created storyboards that aligned with our brand message and our department’s quarterly driver recruiting initiatives.


My video strategy included Facebook Live recruiting events, bi-weekly driver interviews, and text videos created by repurposing infographics.


  • Increased video views by 36% by internalizing and increasing our video production cadence within one month

  • Increased video minutes viewed by 15%

  • Increased Celadon Logistics LinkedIn engagement by 200% after introducing video content

Video Content Strategy

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